Joseph Madigan PhD,


Joseph received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Art Therapy from Long Island University and his Doctoral Degree in Psychology from Saybrook University.

Joseph’s dissertation research investigated how making art sustains recovery from addictive disorders. Joseph is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified and Registered Art Therapist and has worked extensively in addiction recovery and trauma treatment with adults and adolescents. He has worked as an Art Therapist at Creedmore Psychiatric Center, Queens Village, NY, South Oaks Hospital, Amityville, NY, United Cerebral Palsy, Bayville, NY, and Stepping Stones Day Treatment in Huntington, NY.

He also worked as a psychotherapist at The Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ and at Aurora Behavioral Health in Phoenix, AZ.

In his work Joseph has successfully applied the concepts of existential therapy and art therapy with individuals and groups in both inpatient and community settings.

Most recently, Joseph was Visiting Professor of Art Therapy at Long Island University at Brookville, NY.

He has presented internationally and is a regular guest lecturer at Seattle University. He is currently collaborating in an innovative program to remediate dyslexia at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Nina “Anin” Utigaard

Nina “Anin” Utigaard is a licensed MFT and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) and held a private practice in San Francisco, CA, for over 20 years, before relocating to Ashland, Oregon in 2017.  She works with individuals and groups of all ages and cultures. She was a founding Executive Co-Chair for the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and continues to be an active board member for the organization. Anin was a faculty member with Natalie Rogers’ Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute for over ten years and uses the person-centered approach in her work with clients and students. 

She was adjunct faculty with JFK University and has presented her work nationally and internationally since 1992. Her work with trauma and adolescents began at Thunder Road in Oakland in 1991, where she used expressive arts therapy with teens dealing with substance abuse and trauma. Anin has a fine arts and professional music background, which she combined with psychology and the humanistic approach. She believes that the arts are a transformative power that can change the world we live in.