NarrARTive Expressive Arts Coaching Certificate


Shoshana Simons, PhD, RDT, is a dynamic professor and registered drama therapist known for her expertise in counseling psychology and expressive arts. With over 35 years of experience across multicultural settings, she teaches at CIIS and leads innovative programs in family therapy and multicultural counseling. As a voice actor and arts-based coach, Shoshana empowers through Key of Life Academy and NW Creative & Expressive Arts Institute, where she offers a unique Certificate in NarrARTive Expressive Arts in Coaching. Her diverse background includes pioneering work in SEL curriculum and extensive teaching at institutions like Goddard College and University of Vermont. Passionate about narrative expressive arts and indigenous healing traditions, Shoshana blends leadership with arts-based research, reflecting her deep commitment to transformative learning and healing practices.

Unlock the transformative potential of expressive arts with the NarrARTive Expressive Arts Coaching Certificate. This innovative program blends narrative therapy, neuroscience, and expressive arts into a powerful coaching framework.

Through visual arts, poetry, music, and more, you’ll learn to facilitate profound change in individuals, couples, families, and communities. Dive into externalization techniques, inner dialogues, and collective arts practices, all supported by our arts-infused reflecting team methodology.

Each session offers immersive theory, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Whether you’re a therapist, coach, educator, or healthcare provider, join us in harnessing artistic processes for personal growth and healing.

NarrARTive Expressive Arts Coaching seamlessly integrates narrative therapy theories and practices, relational-cultural neuroscience, and expressive arts within a robust, strengths-based coaching framework applicable to individuals, couples, families, groups, and communities. Embracing a dynamic, deeply collaborative, and playful approach, we interlace visual arts, poetry, music, guided imagery, puppetry, drama, sand tray work, movement, and dance with the foundational principles and techniques of narrative therapy and coaching.

At the heart of this approach lie pivotal concepts such as externalization, inner and outer dialogues, NarrARTive re-authoring techniques, collective arts practices, and a distinctive arts-infused reflecting team methodology.

Each session offers an immersive theoretical exploration of the weekly theme, a live demonstration of the methodology, and ample opportunities for hands-on practice in paired and in small groups, both within and outside of class.

Required readings and videos will be available via the Learning Management System. These materials inform the class content so need to be completed in advance.

Professionals from diverse backgrounds including therapists, coaches, healthcare and social service providers, educators, and consultants are warmly welcomed! More crucial than any perceived artistic prowess is a dedication to harnessing the power of artistic processes for personal growth, healing, and transformative change. 

Dates: Fridays: September 20th – November 15th (see below for details.)

Minimum Pre-Requisite Qualifications:

  • Degree in counseling, human services, education, counseling psychology, or a related field. Certified creative arts therapists including REATs and REACEs.
  • Coaches who have ICF or BCC certification.
  • Experience with and passion for the arts as tools for personal and social healing.
  • Prior experience and knowledge of creative and expressive arts therapy or coaching are highly recommended.
  • The Certificate program is 100% online and is comprised of synchronous and asynchronous classes.

Level One

Foundations of NarrARTive Coaching Certificate Learning Objectives

After Level One students will be able to:

  • Articulate the differences between therapy & coaching.
  • Articulate foundational principles of NarrARTive Coaching.
  • Demonstrate foundational NarrARTive coaching skills.

Learning Activities

  • Assigned study resources including readings and videos.
  • Theoretical presentations.
  • Demonstration interviews.
  • In-class and outside-class practice.
    *All theoretical presentations will be recorded and available to students for the duration of the program and posted to the Learning Management System


Fridays: September 20th – November 15th

Week One 9/20 (Asynchronous)

Welcome! Introduction to the Program

Coaching V Therapy: Nuts & Bolts
(asynchronous class presentation, available on Friday, September 20th)

Week Two 9/27

Introduction to NarrARTive Expressive Arts Coaching Principles & Practices
9-12 Pacific Time (Zoom)

Week Three 10/4

Goal Setting and Assessment: A Narrative, RCT/EXA Lens

9-12 Pacific Time (Zoom)

Week Four 10/11

Tree of Life

9-12 Pacific Time (Zoom)

Week Five 10/18

Externalization & Re-Authoring through an EXA lens

•Externalizing the Problem, Internalizing Personal Agency

•Mapping & Tracking the Influence of Problems

•Landscape of Action, Landscape of Identity

9-12 Pacific Time (Zoom)

Week Six 10/25

Preferred Futuring
9-12 Pacific Time (Zoom)

Week Seven 11/1

I see/I hear/I sense/I imagine/I wonder: Aesthetic “with-ness” responding & Narrative Arts Refracting Teams

9-12 Pacific Time (Zoom)

Week Eight 11/8

Transitions, endings, continuities & Narrative EXA
9-12 Pacific Time (Zoom)

Week Nine 11/15

Learning Consolidation
9-12 Pacific Time (Zoom)
(27 hours total)

*Please note the curriculum is subject to change

Level Two: NarrARTive Collective Practices Certificate

Learning Objectives

After Level Two students will be able to:

  • Articulate the rationale for NarrARTive collective practices
  • Articulate the potential benefits of NarrARTIve collective practices through first-hand experience
  • Adapt the design of a NarrARTive collective practice for a specific group or community

Weekend Workshop

Collective Practices with Groups & Communities

Saturday, January 11th, 10 am-1 pm,

Sunday, January 12 th, 10 am-1 pm
Pacific Time (Zoom)

(6 hours total)

Level Three: NarrARTive Collective Practice in Action Certificate

Level Three of the certificate focuses on integrating theory into praxis.

Students will have identified a specific group or community with whom to implement a NarrARTive Collective practice. They will design a NarrARTive approach that is culturally congruent & resonant with the needs of that specific group or community. They will also create an implementation plan, including a proposed timeline.

Supervision for project implementation will be included as part of the Level Three assessment process through asynchronous video review and group response.

Weekend Workshop

Friday, February 21st, 9 am-12 pm

Saturday, February 22nd, 10 am-1 pm,

Sunday, February 23rd, 10 am-1 pm
Pacific Time (Zoom)

(9 hours total)

Learning Objectives

After Level Three students will be able to:

  • Create a culturally congruent NarrARTive Collective practice to implement with a specific group or community organization
  • Devise an implementation plan including a timeline
  • Demonstrate competence in the implementation of the NarrARTive collective practice

Learning Activities

  • Theoretical Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Hands-on design activities
  • Group & Peer Supervision


You’ll get:

  • Small group experience with a leading expert in the field of Expressive Arts.
  • 42 hours of powerful and innovative instruction.
  • Dynamic, hands-on experiential education.
  • Tools and resources that you can start using utilizing in your work right away.
  • The opportunity to bring this unique approach into your life and work.
  •  Up to 25 NBCC Approved CEs for counselors, therapists, and clinical social workers (subject to your state requirements) at no extra charge.

Tuition:  $1890

10% discount if paid in full upon acceptance.

Payment plan available:

$378.00 deposit due upon acceptance then 4 payments of $378.00 due monthly, October-January

Full financial policy, including cancellation offered upon acceptance.

What to do next:

Fill out the application  Upon acceptance, payment link will be made available.

Contact us with questions.


School Counselor/Teacher (OSPI) Approved by the Washington State Office of Public Instruction as a “Washington State approved clock hour offering workshop.”

If you are outside of Washington State, we advise that you check with your state licensing board to confirm that they accept NBCC approved CEs. 

Northwest Creative & Expressive Arts Institute is a NBCC Approved Continuing Education Provider ™,
ACEP No. 7014.