Training Program Alumni Testimonials

The Journey to Becoming an Expressive Arts Therapist: An Interview with Cleopatra Bertelsen

Suzan Alparslan had the privilege of interviewing Cleopatra Bertelsen, part of a series of interviews with current cohorts, or graduates of the NW Creative & Expressive Arts Professional Training Program. Here is what she learned from this vibrant, compassionate force in the field…

Walking the Talk: An Interview with Training Program Alumna, Jessica Johnson

It was a joy to get to know clinical social worker and training program alumna, Jessica Johnson. She shared how she has been applying her learning experiences in the Professional Expressive Arts Therapy Training Program in her work as a therapist, and in her own life. Read more about Jessica and how she applies her EXA experience…


Recent Alum and current Faculty, Sarah Engelskirchen shares the impact she felt from participating in the Training Program~

I could not have predicted how meaningful the program would be to not only my professional growth as a mental health therapist but also to my own personal growth and healing journey.

The program is designed to be accessible to both those in graduate school as well as those already working in the field. The time commitment is manageable; yet, there is so much to learn and gain from participating. 

Read the rest of Sarah’s reflections…

Dr. Sibel Golden,  Executive Director, talks about why the Training Program might be a good fit for you!

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