NWCEAI is thrilled to announce that Pamela Krueger, MA, MFA, LMFTA will be Co-Director of our Expressive Arts Therapy Training Program, in addition to joining our core Faculty.

Pamela embodies everything that makes Expressive Arts Therapy such a rich and alive approach. She has a generous spirit, is deeply present, and leads with compassion. As both a scholar and practitioner, Pamela lives and breathes the expressive arts, bringing both depth and breadth to her work. The scope of her imagination casts a wide net where curiosity, play, discovery, and joy all participate, and we receive the gifts of this amalgam of the mind and heart.

I am fortunate to call her a friend and kindred spirit, and I am so grateful and proud to welcome her to our Institute. ~ Sibel Golden, PHD, LMHC, REAT

Meet Pamela Krueger, MA, MFA, LMFTA~

My evolution as an expressive arts therapist began when my young adult son, then in his junior year of high school, was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood leukemia that catapulted our family into existential chaos. Within the realm of the many advances in the medical field that meant he would survive a diagnosis that in the past was a death knell, I witnessed how little attention was paid to the inner life of the “patient.”

Our family was in the fortunate position of me being able to drop everything and be at his side for the entire 1,542 days of his chemotherapy treatment, even though it also ripped us apart in many ways because it required us to split in two so he could be at or within 15 minutes of the hospital.

During that time, I poured my emotions and needs into what had gotten me through many challenges in my life, creative writing. Dreaming of a way to support the many hundreds of children, adolescents, and young adults trying to survive cancer in a more complete way, I discovered expressive arts therapy.

Once my son completed the most active phase of his treatment, I began working towards a master’s in counseling psychology with a concentration in expressive arts therapy through a hybrid learning program that alternated between in-person intensives and online learning to accommodate older graduate students who often also had full-time jobs. I also earned my master in fine arts in creative writing at the same time – and both programs saved me from what I am certain would otherwise have become mother-bear PTSD or worse.

I began sharing expressive arts therapy by joining a local nonprofit and offering counseling of this kind in 2019; the impact on me, and, I believe, the clients who came to see me, was profound and validated for me this being the most authentic path for my life’s work. I have worked with children, couples, families, individuals, and groups as I have grown in the field of expressive arts therapy, anticipating achieving the final requirement of the R.E.A.T. credential by completing 1,000+ hours of expressive arts therapy within the next year (in addition to the 700 hours I earned during my practicum).

As I continued to learn and grow in the field, it became clear that increasing the breadth and scope of practice in the field requires more people to enter it with a solid foundational skill set. That is why I began teaching in the Institute’s professional training program. Collaborating with the Institute’s founder, Dr. Sibel Golden, has been like finding a long lost friend that I can no longer imagine life without — one whose depth and warmth has fueled the field to grow and sparked inspiration in the many students who have fallen in love with expressive arts therapy, as I have.

Between the two of us and our many dedicated, experienced, and emerging adjunct faculty, we are able to offer a program that could change the lives of many healing professionals as it has for us, as well as those clients we all have the benefit of knowing through this work.