This year, we are so happy to welcome our first ever Artist-in Residence, Caitlin Dundon!

Caitlin Dundon is a mixed-media artist and calligrapher with over 20 years of experience. She teaches at mixed media and calligraphy conferences throughout the United States and Canada and has taught at Art & Soul Mixed Media Retreats (Portland, OR, Kansas City, MO, Minneapolis, MN), Art Unraveled (Phoenix, AZ), Art is You (Petaluma, CA), and Letters of Joy (Seattle, WA), Ghost Ranch (Abiquiu, NM) and Mendocino Art Center (Mendocino, CA). She has written numerous articles for Somerset Studio and Art Journaling magazines and is the author of The Painted Word: Mixed Media Lettering Techniques (Schiffer Books, 2019). She creates paintings and calligraphy for sale and on commission for corporate and personal collections. Her art has also been licensed for printing and manufacturing and has been spotted at Target, Walmart and Kohl’s. Find Caitlin here: Handwritten Life 

Caitlin is going to be working with us on creating workshops and open studios, and will also be joining in on our Creative Journal Writing for Clinicians workshop! We’re so excited to have her on board and in our NWCEAI Family! Read our interview with Caitlin below!

Nityia Photography

Interview with Caitlin Dundon

NWC: What do you most want to share with the institute as an artist?

CD: I want others to learn the absolute pleasure and freedom of simply doing art and how you can integrate words with art as part of a wonderful process of letting go.

NWC: How long have you been an artist?

CD: I have been doing art since I was a small child, but professionally more than 20 years.

NWC: What are you working on now?

CD: After a year or so of working in postcard form (4×6) I am currently exploring larger works on paper and the texture of layering and abstract mark making.

NWC: How do you find creative inspiration?

CD: I find that everything can be a trigger to creative inspiration. You can go for a walk in nature and focus on patterns of leave, trees branches, flower petals, but I also rejuvenate myself by just flipping through home decor and fashion magazines. Painting without pre-conceived notions is also a fantastic way to find creative inspiration.

NWC: Do you have a favorite artist/an artist that you admire or inspires you?

CD: I have different favorites on a weekly basis…but right now I love the beautiful color work by Portland artist, Flora Bowley. I am also a fan of  Belgian calligrapher, Yves Leterme. 

NWC: How do you feel about the connection between art and healing?

CD: I feel like art is an integral part of life. I do not believe that art is an exclusive thing that should only be done by people who can create masterpieces. It should be a daily habit, like brushing your teeth, to keep yourself healthy and well, but it can also hep you heal when you are stressed, frustrated, upset, unsure, unhappy. It can be meditative.

NWC: Your new book just came out! Can you tell us about it?

CD: I am very excited that my book The Painted Word: Mixed Media Lettering Techniques was just released. It has always been my dream to have my art published and manufactured and see it out in the world. I started writing this book as a way to share many techniques that I have learned through trial and error to add words to art – not just handwritten lettering – but rubber stamped, stenciled, embossed, collaged, gel plate printing, etc. It is a step-by-step book showing the reader how I create art layer upon layer, but also features my finished artwork using the techniques in each chapter with inspirational words and quotations. 

by Caitlin Dundon