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Celebrating Creative Arts Therapy

“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”     This quote by Eileen Miller illustrates the power of expressive arts to discover latent parts of ourselves and the world around us. When words are not accessible, the creative arts allow us to speak in new ways. In order to […]

Meeting Your Inner Critic with Creativity & Curiosity

  “They’re all going to know I’m incompetent. They’re going to find out I’m a fraud. I’m not good enough to be in this position; I should just give up.” Negative thoughts about yourself and your capabilities flood your mind as you try to remember the important points of the presentation you’ve prepared to give […]

Walking the Talk: An Interview with Training Program Alumna, Jessica Johnson

It was a joy to get to know clinical social worker and training program alumna, Jessica Johnson. She shared how she has been applying her learning experiences in the Professional Expressive Arts Therapy Training Program in her work as a therapist, and in her own life. Suzan: So when did you graduate from the training […]

The Journey to Becoming an Expressive Arts Therapist: An Interview with Cleopatra Bertelsen

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Cleopatra Bertelsen as my first of a series of interviews with current cohorts, or graduates of the NW Creative & Expressive Arts Professional Training Program. Here is what I learned from this vibrant, compassionate force in the field. By Suzan Alparslan Suzan:  First I’d like to just get […]

To Make Art is Human, To Create Divine.

I am privileged to work with so many wonderful people who come to the institute for workshops and trainings. They come because they are drawn to the concept and practice of using the expressive arts for healing, but not everyone starts out being comfortable engaging in the arts experiences. Offering a safe space to explore […]